Conway Council

Conway is governed by a seven-member Council with each member elected to a four-year term from the Borough at large.

Every 2 years, after each general election, Council is reorganized and a President is selected from among the members to preside over Council meetings and other events.  Chairpersons and members of the various Council committees are also selected at this time.

The primary duties of Council include adoption of the annual budget & levying of taxes, the establishment of policies and regulations for the conduct of the Borough’s affairs, approval of contracts and bids, and the enactment of resolutions and ordinances in order to maintain the health, safety, and welfare of Conway residents.  Council also has the responsibility to appoint Borough officials such as a Solicitor, Auditor and Engineer, and the members of various boards & commissions.

Conway Council is organized into a number of committees that oversee, direct, recommend and implement policy for their functional area of the Borough. The President of Council names the Chairperson and other members of each committee.

Conway Council Members

Name & TitleEmailPhoneTerm ExpiresCommittee ChairCommittee Member
Tim Antoline – Presidenttimothyantoline.conwaypa@gmail.com724.316.991212.31.2025
Scott Levenson – Vice Presidentscottlevenson.conway@gmail.com412.974.362512.31.2023Public RelationsFinance & Administration
Planning Zoning & Ordinance
John Antoline – Pres Pro Temjohnantolineconway@gmail.com724.480.723612.31.2025Public WorksPublic Safety & Health
Finance & Administration
Joe Bohach – Counciljoebohachconway@gmail.com724.869.221912.31.2023Public Safety & Health Public Works
Planning, Zoning & Ordinance
Patty Then – Council 724.312.666012.31.2025Finance & AdministrationParks & Recreation
Public Relations
Aaron Patrick – Councilaaronpatrick1973@gmail.com724.601.041712.31.2023Planning, Zoning & OrdinancePublic Works
Parks & Recreation
Jocelyn Hertnekyjhertneky@conwaypa.org12.31.2023Parks & RecreationPublic Relations
Public Safety & Health
Vacancy – Jr Councilperson click for link to application
Vacancy – Jr Councilperson
**Committees operate in accordance with the Council Committee Rules policy adopted in January 2010.

Council Representative to Beaver County (COG) Council of Governments: Aaron Patrick —- Alternate: Tim Antoline

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