New Ordinances

Click to view the Conway Code Book containing all Borough Ordinances.  

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New Ordinances

List of new Ordinances adopted by Council, but not yet codified in eCode360 :

Swimming Pools, Sheds, and Fences Require a Permit Before Construction

Please visit the Building Permit page for permit applications and information.

Let us know if you see a potential violation of Conway Zoning Codes. Get a printable copy of the Zoning Complaint Form here. The Conway Code Enforcement Officer investigates complaints and will take appropriate action to resolve any violations.

Property Maintenance

The Borough of Conway takes pride in presenting a clean and well-kept appearance.  All property owners are encouraged to keep their homes and property properly maintained (i.e.: hedges trimmed, grass cut, no outside storage of building materials, appliances, non-running vehicles, etc…). 

Lawn Maintenance

Conway Borough requires, via ordinance that property owners to keep their lawns trimmed to an acceptable length.  No brush, grass, weeds, or other vegetation that is not edible or ornamental is permitted to exceed a height of 6 inches.  Please contact the Borough Office or Zoning Officer at (724) 869-5550 or use the Zoning Complaint Form above to file a high-grass complaint.


Property owners are responsible for keeping their sidewalks clean and clear of all dirt, grass, weeds, rubbish, garbage, obstructions or dangerous conditions, and shall remove snow and ice immediately after and not later than 24 hours after a snowfall.  Residents should contact the Borough Office or Zoning Officer at (724) 869-5550 with questions and for specific rules regarding the maintenance and use of sidewalks.


No partially dismantled, non-operative, wrecked, junked, or discarded vehicle is permitted on property within the Borough for longer than 72 hours unless it is enclosed in a building.   

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