Historical Marker

At the July 21, 2010 meeting, Council President Scott Levenson accepted on bahalf of the Borough, an Historical Marker for the Conway Railroad Yards.  The marker was presented by Mr. Bernie Catalucci of the Beaver County Historical Research and Landmarks Foundation.

Conway thanks the Historical Foundation, Beaver County Commissioners, and Beaver County Public Works Department for making this marker, which will forever commemorate the significance and contributions of the Conway Railroad Yards, possible.

The new marker was displayed at the 2010 Conway Community Day festivities and then was permanently installed across from the rail yards along Route 65 next to the ‘Welcome to Conway’ sign.

The inscription on the marker reads as follows:

“Conway railroad yards.  Built on land of the Conway family farm.  This yard was put in operation April 1887 under the ownership of the Pennsyvania Railroad Company.  The yards are over four miles in length with 100 tracks” and capable of “holding 5,000 cars.  By 1957 it was the largest automated (rail) yard in the world”.

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