Glass bottles and jars and Plastic bags are not to be put into recycling bins.  Grocery bags may be recycled at most stores.

Electronic devices will be picked up at the curb with regular trash by appointment ONLY.

Collection of Recycling items in the Borough is provided through a contract with Valley Waste Service, Beaver Falls, PA (724) 843-9373.

Recycling pick-up is every Friday. 

One (1) Recycling container was provided to each household in 2000 at no charge.  If the homeowner never picked one up, One (1) container will be provided at no charge.  Recycling containers are available at the Borough Building. There is a $11 fee for the replacement of a container.

**See the Garbage Collection page for additional information and the Pick-Up Schedule.

Items that can be Recycled via Curbside Pick-Up

Tin, Metal, & Aluminum Cans must be rinsed out and empty of contents.  No chemical or paint cans are accepted.

Plastic #1 through #9 (PET & HDPE) must be rinsed out and empty of contents.  Lids must be removed. 

Newspaper, Office Paper, and Magazines. 

Click here for Valley Waste Services Guidelines regarding Recycling and Refuse Collection


Bins for the recycling of Cardboard and the recycling of paper are located in the parking lot of the John Lucaric Park Ball fields at the corner of Sampson and South Gross Streets.


Abitibi Paper Retriever – Community Recycling Program

Conway participates in the Abitibi Paper Recycling program.  There are 3 collection containers located in Conway, in the alley behind 1208 3rd Avenue, on 9th Street and 2nd Avenue at the Conway Municipal Building, and next to the John Lucaric Ballpark on South Gross and Sampson Streets.

Residents can drop off newspaper, magazines, catalogs, and mail.

After collection, Abitibi sends recovered paper to processing centers where it is sorted into various grades and prepared for shipment.  It is then routed to de-inking facilities and mills where it’s used to make recycled content newsprint.  Nationwide, this recycled paper saves an estimated 2.2 million cubic yards of landfill space each year.

We encourage all residents to utilize this no-cost recycling opportunity to both help the environment and the Borough.  Please contact the Borough Secretary for additional information.


 Donate your unwanted vehicle to Wheels for wishes, a vehicle donation program benefiting Make-A-Wish of Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia. For details, please click here.

Beaver County Department of Waste Management Recycling

The Beaver County Dept. of Waste Management offers a drop off recycling service at thier Brady’s Run Park Recycling Center.


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday     8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Wednesdaynoon to 5:00 p.m.

Third Saturday of month     8:30 a.m. to noon

Closed Fridays

Recyclable items include: corrugated cardboard, tin cans, polystyrene, used motor oil, e-waste, mixed paper, scrap metal, yard waste, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and textiles/fibers.  Some items require a fee.

                 Call 724-770-2064 for more details.

or online at

Computer Recycling Program Available in Southwest PA

Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh – Reconnect Pittsburgh is a free drop-off program for recycling unwanted computers by area residents.  The program helps protect the environment through the responsible recycling or reuse of computer equipment, and provides residents a convenient opportunity to support a local charity.

Goodwill will accept donated computer equipment from residents at each of its retail stores and donation centers in the Pittsburgh area.  Goodwill will consolidate and sort equipment for shipment to a Dell product recovery partner for reuse or recycling.  Equipment that meets minimum standards will be refurbished and resold with all proceeds supporting Goodwill’s non-profit job training and community programs.  Equipment that cannot be refurbished will be responsibly recycled.  Donors will be responsible for removing data from hard drives and other storage media before donating to Goodwill.

Pittsburgh area residents can visit to locate the most convenient drop-off location at any of the 33 local Goodwill donation stations and retail stores. The closest drop off to Conway is the Goodwill Store at Rochester Plaza, 750 Ohio River Blvd., Rochester, PA 15074.

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