Conway Family Cemetery

Four members of the original founding family of the town of Conway, which bears thier name, are buried in the Conway Family Cemetery which is located in a wooded setting on a bluff overlooking Crow’s Run.

The cemetery was established in 1862 and contains a large monument to the Conway family members who are buried there, as well as their individual head and foot stones.  The entire 40 x 60 foot area was originally surrounded by an ornate iron fence and gate that was set on top of a stone perimeter.  

Over the years, various residents and officials of the town of Conway had taken care of, and maintained the cemetery.  The cemetery had In recent years fallen into disrepair.  The large center monument was vandalized and toppled during the 1990’s, and had become completely over grown by the surrounding woods.   In the late 90’s a group of residents developed plans to refurbish the cemetery and to create a series of walking trails through the woods leading to the cemetery, however those plans never made it to fruition. 

In 2008 the efforts to restore the Conway Family Cemetery were renewed.  A non-profit group is in the process of being organized that will work to secure the financing, donations, and volunteers that will be needed to bring the cemetery back to its original condition, and eventually will also work to create the access walking trails that could become a recreational asset for the community.

On Saturday, June 20, 2009 the Conway Family Cemetery Preservation Committee organized the 2nd Cemetery work crew.  The morning was spent working through a few rain showers to clear addtional trees and ground vegetation growth that had regrown since the November 2008 initial effort.  Once again, the Committee would like to extend special appreciation to Conway Fire Chief Bobby Charlovich for organizing a group of Conway Volunteer Fire Department members who provided significant assitance, as well as the following individuals who gave their time to help preserve this community asset:

Sam Fuller                 Patty Then                Chris Then               Scott Levenson 
Dennis Levenson       Bobby Charlovich     Joe Bohach              Brandon Galderisi 
Keith Hohman            Jim Costanza             Mike Hall                  Jacob Collins 
Douglas Sanchez       Brad Gilmore             Mark Romutis

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