Public Works

(724) 869-5145

The Public Works Department is currently comprised of three full-time and three part-time employees who are responsible for approximately 15 miles of Borough roads.

Their primary duties include, but are not limited to, road maintenance, winter snow and ice removal, water line and storm sewer work, erection of traffic and street signs, grass cutting and general park maintenance, as well as the maintenance and repair of equipment.

They are also responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Borough’s sewage treatment facility.

Brian Giles, Supervisor

Chad McCray, Full-Time Sewer Plant Operator

Steve Badamo,  Full-time Laborer

Doug Hansen, Part-time Laborer

Dan Byrne, Part-time Laborer

PA One Call — CALL BEFORE YOU DIG     811 or  1-800-242-1776

United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protectection (PA DEP)

Please Note: Under the Pennsylvania Governmental Immunity Statute, the Borough of Conway has limited legal responsibility for sewer and water backups.  You should contact your homeowners or commercial insurance agent to make sure you carry coverage for sewer and water backups under your homeowners or commercial property policy.  Some homeowners policies do not include this coverage automatically.  We recommend that you purchase this valuable coverage.

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