Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer Billing

Combined Water and Sewer bills are sent out quarterly and are due January 31st, April 30th, July 31st, and October 31st.

Questions related to Water & Sewer billing should be directed to the Borough Secretary by phone at (724) 869-5550 or email at dmckay@conwaypa.org

Please Note the following:

  • Bills are not adjusted for sewage when residents fill swimming pools.
  • Late fees are not credited - after the due date, late fees are automatically calculated and applied by the computer.
  • Sewage is based on water usage.
  • The $1.06 Misc. Fee is for postage, printing, and administration.


CHANGE IN WATER SHUT-OFF POLICY   for unpaid Water/Sewer Bills

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that starting with the 2014 3rd Quarter Water and Sewer billing:

  • Delinquent accounts will have a shut-off notice hung on their door 5-10 days after the due date. Notices will no longer be mailed. 
  • The water service will be turned off within 3-5 days of the notice if the account is still delinquent.  Turn-off and turn-on fees shall be added to the account.

Water and Sewer bills are due:

January 31            April 30

July 31              October 31

Ordinance Number 402, approved 10-8-1984:

All water rates shall be payable quarterly on or before the 10th day of the month in which the bill is rendered, and upon failure to make payment before the first day of the month following the rendering of the bill for water, the Supervisor or other persons designated by Council shall thereupon shut off the supply of water of the delinquent consumer, and the same shall not be turned on again until the water rates and penalty of such consumer are paid in full and a fee, as established by resolution of Council, for shutting off and turning on the water has been paid.

Resolution 031506-1  Water Turn-Off and On Fees

Fee for turning water off because service has been discontinued for non-payment of bill and/or rules or terms of application:

(a)  During regular hours           $50.00

(b)  Restoration Fee                   $50.00



Water Conservation Tips



The Borough of Conway purchases bulk, treated water from the Beaver Falls Water Authority.  This water is delivered through Beaver Fall's pipeline to the Conway owned municipal water lines.  The Borough also maintains fire hydrants located along these water lines.

Water is stored in the water tank located on East Ridge Avenue and Roosevelt Street, and a pump house is located at the north end of 4th Avenue.

Regular reports are provided to all Conway Water Customers with information regarding the quality of the water being delivered. 


The Borough of Conway operates a raw sewage treatment plant, located near the Ohio River on land leased from the Norfolk Southern Railroad.

Conway also maintains separate sanitary and storm sewer networks throughout the municipality.


Help Keep our Water Clean!

Storm drains on the streets are a direct line to the Ohio River, which is a source of drinking water.  Rain water flowing through the storm sewers is not treated at the Sewage Plant.  NEVER DUMP oil, wastes, or sweep grass clippings into a storm sewer.

If you observe a polluted or questionable discharge from a storm water outfall in the Borough, or observe illegal deposition of materials into a storm sewer inlet in the Borough, IMMEDIATELY contact the Borough Secretary by calling the Borough Office at 724-869-5550. 


Please Note: Under the Pennsylvania Governmental Immunity Statute, the Borough of Conway has limited legal responsibility for sewer and water backups.  You should contact your homeowners or commercial insurance agent to make sure you carry coverage for sewer and water backups under your homeowners or commercial property policy.  Some homeowners policies do not include this coverage automatically.  We recommend that you purchase this valuable coverage.


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