Leaf Pick-up 

Conway Borough provides for curbside Leaf Pick-up several weeks during the Fall of each year.

Residents must put leaves along the curb line of their property on designated days.  In areas of the Borough where it is not possible to put leaves at the curb, they may be placed into paper, bio-degradable bags and left near the curb for the Public Works employees to pick-up and dispose of.

2018 Leaf pick-up is scheduled to begin the week of October 15 and last through December 7, weather permitting.

Leaves only are to be swept into the curb. Trash and sticks are not permitted.

Please only place leaf piles into the street no sooner than 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up day.  Leaves blown about the streets or underneath parked cars will not be picked up.

Leaves may be placed into paper bags and placed at the curb for pick-up on scheduled leaf collection days.  Bags are available at any hardware store.

Pick-up days are Tuesday for downtown, Wednesday for uptown.  

Leaves will not be picked up if it rains.