Emergency Management

Emergency Management Coordinator --  Robert Skocich 2008

Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator -- Kelly Staschak 2019

The Conway Borough Emergency Management Agency (EMA) was formed to provide for the protection of persons and property in the Borough in the event of a natural or man-made emergency or disaster in accordance with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Services Code.

The purpose of the EMA, and EMA Coordinator, is to establish procedures to alert the public and provide information and appropriate protective action instructions if necessary, and to provide for the coordination and use of available municipal resources during an emergency.

The EMA was formed to define the role and responsibilities of municipal officials and the emergency management coordinator, and to define emergency functions and make assignments to municipal and volunteer staff.  The EMA is to assure coordination and cooperation with Beaver County efforts in accordance with the Beaver County Emergency Operations Plan.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an in-depth guide to citizen preparedness available on their web-site called Are You Ready ?  This document is a must read for Conway residents who want to know how to be prepared for an emergency.              

The Are You Ready document can also be downloaded and printed from the FEMA web-site in a PDF format.

The State of Pennsylvania also has an Emergency Preparedness Guide at ReadyPA.


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